Shims and Shim Kits

Shims and Shim Kits


Select Your Shim Size

Shims SizeMaximum Bolt SizeSlot SizeShim Dimensions
3/8"7/16"1-1/2" x 1-1/2"
1/2"9/16"2" x 2"
5/8"11/16"2-1/2" x 2-1/2"
3/4"13/16"3" x 3"
1-1/8"1-3/16"4" x 4"
1-1/2"1-9/16"5" x 5"
1-7/8"1-15/16"6" x 6"
2-1/4"2-5/16"6" x 6"
2-1/4"2-5/16"8" x 8"

ALOMA shims and shim kits are available in many standard and custom sizes. Our 304 SS shims are always marked to the exact thickness within .0005″. No micrometer is necessary! Accurate Alignment Starts with Quality Shims!

About the manufacturer

The Aloma Shim and Manufacturing Company’s specialty is the manufacturing of precision Custom ShimsFabricated PartsAloma ShimsShim Kits, alignment devices, and accessories. Aloma Shim and Manufacturing is versatile, automated, and fully equipped to handle standard production as well as the production of specialty items.

Accurate Industrial Supplies Ltd is the Sole Distributor for Aloma Shim and Manufacturing Company.

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Shim StockAlignment Kit

Shim Related Items

Shim Kits

Available in many types and sizes. Examples include


Accurate Industrial Supplies stocks ALOMA EFFICIENCY KITS – A, B, C & D. Efficiency Kits contain 260 shims in total. 20 pieces of each thickness, in 13 of the most used thicknesses. Manufactured from 304 stainless steel for added corrosion resistance. ALOMA slot sizes are 1/16″ oversize to provide proper bolt clearance. All shims are permanently etched in inches and millimetres. The kit consists of 20 ea. of the following thickness’ … .001,.002, .003, .004, .005, .010, 015, .020, .025, .050, .075, .100, and .125. Shims are enclosed in an oversized sturdy reusable labelled metal box complete with Kit-Keeper and dividers. Kits are specially designed for easy carrying and removal of shims. Replacement packs are available in individual packs of 20 shims.


Stainless Steel Shimstock

Accurate Industrial Supplies stocks 304 Stainless Steel Shimstock in various thicknesses, from  and standard lengths of both 6” x 50” and 12” x 50”.

Carbon Steel, Brass, Color Coded Plastic, and a variety of Laminated Materials is also available upon request, to meet your shim stock requirements.


ROM-A-LIGN converts your dial indicator reading directly into horizontal and vertical adjustment Increments in thousandths of an Inch. Used in conjunction with ALOMA pre-cut shims, the once tedious and time-consuming job of alignment has now been refined to absolute simplicity. The LCD readout on the face of ROM-A-LIGN will prompt you through the alignment. Thus, very little training time is required. When you enter the requested data into the ROM-A-LIGN it performs calculations and displays, or prints, in seconds the shims required under each foot of the machinery and the lateral left or right movement necessary to bring the equipment into accurate alignment. It is a simple task to select the correct, accurately marked, ALOMA precut shims to complete the alignment process. ROM-A-LIGN’s ease of operation combined with reasonable capital outlay makes it the best value in alignment equipment today.


  • Diagnostic Style Case
    The handle folds to make a stand.
  • Membrane Keypad/Faceplate
    For dust control, cleaning and easier output. With large 2 x 24 character large LCD display for more prompts
  • Standby
    Turns keypad off to protect against accidental entry, will save data for recap and/or continue an alignment after a break.
  • Dot Matrix Impact Printer
    Durability, bit image graphics, faster printing, capable of using 2-ply carbonless paper. Comes with On/Off option to display machinery moves while printer is off. Prints a recap of the day’s alignments.
  • Date
    Ability to enter the date of alignment
  • Aligned
    By Operator’s name can be recorded for identification
  • Equipment Number
    The I.D. number of description of the equipment being aligned can be recorded.