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PROBE® is a delayed viscosity penetrating grease. Simply put, the grease is mixed with a solvent inside the can that breaks it down to the point where it is as thin or “runny” as penetrating oil. It has the ability to penetrate hard to reach areas like a penetrating oil.

Once the balance of solvent evaporates, it gels, and a premium grease is formed which is impact and wash resistant, even under extreme conditions, as the temperature range is from -30ºF to +530ºF.


TORQUE® Premium Penetrating Oil is formulated to out-perform all other penetrating oils. With its 88% active ingredients, TORQUE’s penetrating action frees frozen parts, rusted nuts and bolts and can be sprayed in any position – even completely upside down.
Another major advantage TORQUE® has over all others is that it sprays in any position – up right, sideways or completely upside down.



Frederickseal TEFLON PASTE is non-seizing, all purpose pipe sealant paste of fine-ground pure PTFE particles suspended in a vegetable oil carrier. It is non-toxic and grit-free which produces a leak-proof seal on all types of plastic and metal pipe – even adhering to oily threads.
The completely homogenized pure white paste is safe for PVC and CPVC and is non-combustible. Frederickseal TEFLON PASTE is compatible with ammonia, fuels, diluted acids, oils and many others.

Temperature Range: -50°F to +400°F
Pressure: Gases: Up to 3,000 PSI
Liquids: Up to 10,000 PSI


Frederickseal NEVER-FREEZE Paste is a high temperature, extreme pressure copper anti-seize lubricant and thread sealant, which is a lead free, non-seizing lubricant and thread sealant that exceeds MIL-A-907E Specification.
It prevents pressure leakage and seizing resulting from high temperature, freezing, heavy loads, corrosion, and vibration. Contains no grit. Prevents rust and corrosion. Specially formulated for summer or winter use. Provides easy assembly and disassembly of bolts, plugs, studs, flanges, and fittings. Prevents pressure leakage and seizing resulting from high temperature, freezing, heavy loads, corrosion, and vibration.
Suitable for use on systems including: Air, gases, liquids, steam lines.
Service rating to 1800° F (982° C).


Frederickseal PTFE Pipe Tape is produced with 100% virgin PTFE, containing no fillers, additives or oils. Our pipe tape is exclusively manufactured in the USA. It produces a leak-proof seal on metal and plastic pipe – all with only ONE wrap!
Our Tape has a density between 1.2 to 1.4 g/cc, unlike so-called PTFE tapes with a density of as little as 0.5 g/cc. Our premium PTFE tape has a minimum thickness of 3.5 mils, while others may be far thinner than 3 mils.

Additional Specs:
Operating Temperature: -450°F to +550°F
pH Range: 0-14 (full range)
Compatible with virtually all chemicals


STICK-IT™ Spray Adhesive is a premium grade general purpose adhesive. It has unique repositioning characteristics – allowing the installer to do many positioning and bonding jobs quickly and economically. It is the ideal gasket installer’s adhesive. Unlike other spray adhesives, STICK-IT™ is a fine-mist adhesive which allows for more complete and even coverage.

STICK-IT™ Spray Adhesive is capable of bonding fabric, paper, felts, cardboard, cork, foil, rubber and plastics to wood, metal, glass, etc.

STICK-IT™ allows for immediate tackiness, but also allows for repositioning for up to 48 hours. It can be used for temporary or permanent bonding.


GASKET EATER makes it easy to remove baked on gaskets, carbon deposits, paint, varnish, tar, dried oil, asphalt, adhesives, and grease from glass wood, and all metals. Gasket Eater virtually eliminates the hard work of hand scraping flanges, and scratched or gouged surfaces that damage sealing ability.

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