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To select your o-ring we need its inner diameter (I.D.), cross section(C.S.) and dash number.


Inner Diameter (I.D.)

Cross-Section (C.S.)

The dash number can be found on the sizing chart using the (I.D.) and (C.S.). 

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O-ring Materials

Nitrile (Buna)

  • Most common material used.
  • Excellent resistance to petroleum products.
  • Excellent compression set, tear and abrasion resistance.
  • Does not have good resistance to ozone, sunlight, or weather, unless specifically compounded.
  • Should not be stored in direct sunlight or near motors or other electrical equipment which may generate ozone.

Temperature range: -40° to +250°F.

Flourelastomer (Viton)

  • Excellent mechanical and physical properties.
  • Good resistance to petroleum products, low compression set, and high temperature resistance.
  • Wide spectrum of chemical compatibility.
  • Good for vacuum service and low gas permeability.

Temperature range: -15° to +400°F (limited exposures to higher temperatures).

AISL stocks the Type “A” Grade Fluoroelastomer.

Other Grades are available. Please inquire.

  • Silicone
  • Neoprene (Chlorprene)
  • Highly Saturated Nitrile (HSN, HNBR)
  • Ethylene Propylene (EPR, EPDM)
  • PTFE
  • Teflon Encapsulated

And more!

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